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Crude Refining & Clean Transportation Fuels Outlook to 2030

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The Outlook is part of the World Refining & Fuels Service (WRFS), a comprehensive service providing:

  • A library of reports analyzing the latest developments
  • Full electronic access to the analysis on our members-only web site
  • A searchable and interactive supply & demand database by region, country, fuel type and year
  • Regular updates throughout the year
  • On-site meetings with specialists
  • Unlimited access to global experts for study-related questions
  • Access to specific on-line webinars
  • Full subscription to Refinery Tracker newsletter


Key Benefits:

  • Rely upon Hart’s accurate data and dependable forecast scenarios for your strategic planning – our data is considered a reference for multinational and national oil companies, capital providers, technology suppliers, automotive industry and government.
  • Understand global supply and demand situation with our analysis and forecasts, splitting the sector into product segments (on-road, off-road...) and different sulfur levels (10 ppm, 50 ppm ...)
  • Identify supply & demand imbalances through our global fuel distribution projections, trade flows, and product quality outlook
  • Maximize your business development efforts and investment decisions by keeping track of refinery projects and expansions around the globe, through our online refineries database and refinery capacity investment projections
  • Improve your understanding of the impact of renewable fuels on the refining industry and how biofuels affect petroleum products availability and prices

Excellent Tool for Detailed Business Planning:

  • Based on full LP programming (based on AspenTech's PIMS)
  • Projections are provided annually up to 2015 and then in 5-year increments through 2035.
  • Supply & Demand split into different sulfur levels (<10 ppm, 10-50 ppm, 51-500 ppm, >500 ppm)
  • Distillate demand and supply forecasts are split into product segments (on-road, off-road, agriculture, industry etc...)
  • Detailed capacity outlook by type of process (Reforming, FCC, Coking…)
  • Global and regional octane requirement developments

Global Crude, Refining & Clean Transportation Fuels Outlook covers:


  • Price and Economics Outlook
  • Business Climate
  • Crude Oil and NGL Supply and Quality Analysis
  • Petroleum Product Demand Projections
  • Worldwide Fuel Quality and Specifications Outlook
  • Inter-Regional Product Trade Trends
  • Refinery Capacity, Throughput and Blending Forecasts
  • Renewable Fuels Outlook
  • Key Fuel Quality Drivers

Detailed Analysis on:

  • Naphtha
  • Gasoline
  • Jet Fuel and Kerosene
  • On-road Diesel and Other Distillates
  • Bunker and Residual Fuel
  • Refinery Complexities and Ranking
  • Fuel Quality Developments
  • Renewable Fuels Supplies
  • H2 Production and Demand 

Bi-Monthly Topic-Related Analysis:

  • China
  • India
  • Heavy Crude Oil
  • Russia, Brazil, Mexico
  • Refinery Tracker


Every analysis is globally balanced – individual regions are not analyzed alone, but integrated for the different time frames identifying key refining and supply opportunities.

  1. North America – Canada, USA (by PADD)
  2. Latin America, with focus on Brazil, Mexico & Venezuela
  3. Europe, including Baltics, Balkans, and Turkey
  4. Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) with focus on Russia
  5. Asia-Pacific, with focus on China, India and Japan
  6. Africa
  7. Middle East, with focus on Saudi Arabia

Who Should Subscribe to the Service:

  • Refinery Executives and Strategic Planners
  • Crude Oil Producers
  • Technology/Catalyst Licensors
  • Lubricant/Additive Suppliers
  • Engineering Firms
  • Pipeline/Tanker Fleet Transport Services
  • Investors and Financial Planners
  • Automotive Manufacturers
  • Government Compliance Agencies
  • Ethanol and Biofuels Producers

Contributors to this Service:

Terry Higgins, Project Leader and Main Contributor,
Executive Director, Refining & Special Projects
Europe, Russia & CIS, Middle East Latin America
Dr. Petr Steiner, Director, Global Refining
Rodrigo Favela, Executive Director, Refining, Planning and Evaluation
Asia Pacific  
Dr. Preeti Jain, Research Manager, Asia

Obtain the information and analysis you need to meet the industry’s emerging challenges with one or more of Hart Energy's WRFS reports – providing updated, concise in-depth analysis and special focused reports on key developing countries, resources and fuel markets:

For more information, contact Client Services or call +1.713.260.6426.








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