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International Fuel Quality Center

International Fuel Quality CenterThe International Fuel Quality Center (IFQC) brings together the world’s leading refining, automotive and engine manufacturers, technology and government stakeholders, facilitating and improving their understanding of fuel quality issues.

Established in 1998, IFQC is a high-value service of Hart Energy Publishing LLP, one of the world's largest energy industry publishers. IFQC is a globally recognized multi-client service specializing in transportation fuel quality-related issues, with a diverse array of informational products.

IFQC is acknowledged industry-wide as a premier, accurate and non-biased source for information to facilitate strategic planning and internal education. For 10 years, the IFQC, has been providing industry and government bodies with critical fuel quality information to help them achieve their respective organizational goals while providing for a cleaner environment. Thanks to IFQC, the industry has improved access to information and can use sound technical guidelines to implement local, national and regional policies.


Global Biofuels Center

International Fuel Quality CenterOur specialized Global Biofuels Center (GBC) service, brings timely, accurate data about critical global biofuels developments to industry, investors and governments.

Established in December 2004 by Hart Energy Research & Consulting’s renowned international energy experts, the GBC gathers and analyzes all relevant information from international biofuels markets and delivers it in a precise and directly usable manner to stakeholders and decision-makers around the globe. 

We do not advocate any position; rather, we serve as an objective and accurate information resource, and a unique international network of industry executives and government representatives. 


Alternative Fuels Service

Alternative Fuels ServiceHart Energy’s new Alternative Fuels Service, a value-added, enhanced service of Hart Energy Research & Consulting, provides in-depth, unbiased coverage and analysis of a range of topics focusing on alternative fuels and related new and emerging vehicle technologies. In addition, the service provides timely information on the fuel mix road map and examines key market drivers that influence the alternative fuels market.





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