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Terrence Higgins Terrence Higgins
Executive Director, Refining and Special Studies
  • Experience in the fuels and refining industry: 35 years
  • 14 years as technical director with the National Petrochemical & Refiners Association (NPRA)
  • Also worked with TEXACO, HESS, and US DOE


Dr. Petr Steiner

Dr. Petr Steiner
Director, Global Refining; Expert, Russia & CIS

  • Holds a doctorate in chemical engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology
  • Worked with Statoil, the SINTEF research center, and with the University of Cambridge, U.K. on the improvement of refining catalysts

Rodrigo Favela
Executive Director, Refining, Planning and Evaluation
  • Experience in refining, energy and environment, business development and planning
  • MSc in Process and Systems Design from Imperial College, University of London; BS in Chemical Engineering from Universidad Autonoma de Mexico; Finance and Executive Programs from ITAM and IPADE, Mexico

Dr. Preeti Jain
Research Manager, Refining, Asia
  • Ph.D. in Chemistry from University of Kurukshetra, India and MBA from Asian Institute of Management, Philippines
  • Worked with Indian Oil for 7 years in the area of biofuels, fuel quality, evaporative emissions and air quality management
  • 'Fulbright Alumna' by US Department of States for Environmental Leadership



With extensive experience in the industry and offices in more than 10 worldwide locations, Hart Energy has provided expertise to:

  • The world’s leading national oil companies: Petrobras, Petronas, Reliance, Saudi Aramco and Sinopec;
  • Top Fortune 500 multi-national energy companies: Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Shell and Total;
  • Investors and financial institutions: Citigroup and Nasdaq;
  • Engineering companies and technology: Criterion, Lubrizol and CDTECH;
  • Automotive companies: GM, Peugeot SA, Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo;
  • Key international organizations: OPEC, CEN, ASTM, JCAP, ISO, METI, APEC, UNPCFV;
  • Governmental bodies: U.S. EPA, Chinese EPA, Vietnamese government, EU Commission, EU Parliament, U.S. DOE, White House CEQ, Australian DEWR, South African DME, GCC Standards Organization;
  • And many more…

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